Where is our $7K ECEV? (15 Aug, 2017)

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Re: Where is our $7K ECEV? (15 Aug, 2017)

Postby phill » Wed Aug 16, 2017 9:45 am

perhaps because the transport services have always been geared around catering for the paper warriors working in the central city and living in the burbs
owing to them ' planning ' most of the said services that is the way it will likely stay till reality finally steps in with a transport web rather than a central hub as at present
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Re: Where is our $7K ECEV? (15 Aug, 2017)

Postby Kiwiiano » Wed Aug 16, 2017 10:36 am

mad wrote:
phill wrote:
Kiwiiano wrote:Then there's the XYT. From France, it's the most butt-ugly vehicle ever created,

... you cant just come up with a car that ugly.... it has to be carefully designed .....

So basically a mini moke with a roof,

Actually, a Moke is ideal for a conversion, there were plans to set up a plant to do that in ?Samoa. They're available there (possibly a Chinese knock-off) and the compartments running down both sides are ideal for battery stowage. They seem to have disappeared in NZ, I guess their vulnerability to roll-overs has seen them off.
STOP PRESS: a quick check on-line reveals this:

Pity about the price, it would cost quite a bit in NZ$ by the time it's landed and there's a high probability the arse-coverers in Wellington would run a mile.
I did a search on Ali Baba for just "Mini Moke" and virtually all the hits were for EVs.
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