Do I fail the geek test? (9 Nov, 2017)

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Re: Do I fail the geek test? (9 Nov, 2017)

Postby par_annoyed » Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:08 pm

Oops, Yes I forgot. I still program in 'C' , perl and shell script, and have been called a C guru (I don't think so, but I guess often use use pointers a lot , sometimes pointers to pointers, overlay and chain structures together, freely use void* with casts, you know, all the old style 'power' techniques, those which give modern object oriented programmers the screaming terrors !) Keeps the brain active !!

I think the point about techie geek vs. consumer geek is a good one. Also the 'abstracted' geek - Yes, very few machine coders left I reckon. Even 'C' is regarded as 'low level' as I understand ? can't see how Java can be any fun...

Yes I still have the same 15 year old bike, and ride it whenever weather is up to it, and it's not too windy.
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Re: Do I fail the geek test? (9 Nov, 2017)

Postby Weasel » Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:40 pm

par_annoyed wrote:<snip>
I do have a newer car (2010), but this is because my old trusty 1984 Volvo slipped its cam belt, and repairs are not cheap in NZ. (no - belt wasn't overdue for change, the idler pulley seized). I look at the engine partly in wonder , V6 - DOHC, variable valve timing, switching inlet runners, and an engine management system which probably has more power than my PC (ancient Athlon X2 6000+) , it develops 280bhp and yet returns under 8L/100 when driven reasonably gently (Toyota 2gr-fe). traction control, anti lock brakes, 10,000 air bags, So far away from the old carby Triumph 6 engines that I did a lot of stuff with....

I think we've probably reached peak internal combustion engine efficiencies in cars with VVT and direct injection. I have two consecutive models of the same car, one has near the last of the all cast iron pushrod V6s from Buick, 3.8L, wasted spark ignition, EFI, exhaust gas recirc when cruising to further lean the fuel mix, coupled to 4 speed auto with lockup torque converter, in 2002 this was GM's flagship engine and trans in north America for their daily driver models, at a stretch on open road 8L/100k on ~98RON or 92MON as it is here and a retuned computer from a guy in Canada, maybe makes 200BHP (if it hasn't lost too many ponies after 240k clicks and 3 or 4 winters in a (down to) -40C climate!), lots of low end torque.

The newer car by 11 years, got the first of the continuous VVT and direct injection engines, chain driven cams, coil over plug ignition, V6 3.6L, same weight car, easily gets 6.7L/100 open road cruising, slow down to 80km/h it gets into the low 6s - this is using cruise control on flat road and the instant economy reading, the averages are around 10 to 12 L/100k for both with city stop/go driving.

But 302BHP, and wow the difference is night and day between the two cars, endless pulling power, everything is effortless with its 6 speed automatic and lockup torque converter, it'll happily pull up hills at 1200 to 1400rpm, and you really dont need to push it past 2500rpm unless you're in a hurry, stomp on it and it'll surprise you. Open road speeds it loafs along at around 1300pm in 6th.
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Re: Do I fail the geek test? (9 Nov, 2017)

Postby JonL » Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:50 pm

par_annoyed wrote: Don't even have a mobile phone, or a tablet, or anything else, except a cheap mp3 player for mowing etc.

Well....there's cutting edge technology if ever I saw it.........
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Re: Do I fail the geek test? (9 Nov, 2017)

Postby Jimmy » Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:21 pm

I probably fail it as well. I used to be up there with science and tech when I was a wee lad, but it has been over 20 years since I have "cut code in anger", and nowadays I wouldn't attempt to assemble my own PC.

In fact, to the evident horror of one of the young grads where I am currently on contract, not only do I still take my notes long-hand on paper and using joined-up writing, but I still refill my pen out of a bottle. Their eyes were out on stalks at the sight, bless them.....
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Re: Do I fail the geek test? (9 Nov, 2017)

Postby Perry » Fri Nov 10, 2017 7:43 am

Bruce wrote:And my Windows 7 doesn't seem nearly as intent on sharing my information with Microsoft as the newest version (10) does . . .

Not to mention gooble spying on your cloud stuff. Microcrapt probably does the same - just haven't been caught out. Yet.

Bruce wrote:I've found a very comfortable and safe position which is some way back from the cutting edge and which saves me a fortune every year. A couple of questions for readers: Are you a geek -- or are you, like myself, finding it increasingly more pleasant and affordable to live just a little further back from the bleeding edge?

"Just a little further?" How about a decade? What's the advantage of the new this, that or t'other gizmo? Any improved speed or functionality that actually counts for something? Usually not.

A new 8Tb Internet server, modem, ubiquity wifi transmitters and some switch gear is all the tech stuff that's under 12 months old, around here. Hell! I still have a fax machine on my desk. Yeah - it doubles as a second printer and copier, but is is still a fax machine.

Even the robotic lawn mower is now nearly five.
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