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Re: Drama in the skies (28 Mar, 2018)

PostPosted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:15 am
by aardvark_admin
Now even the police are starting to feel the impact of public hysteria abouit drones that has been drummed up by the fake-news media:P ... d=12033542

Ya reap what ya sow I guess.

Re: Drama in the skies (28 Mar, 2018)

PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:20 pm
by aardvark_admin
Oh dear... if this story is to be believed, Rod Vaughan will have more egg than blood on his face. ... eveloping/

Will drone users be getting an apology?

I strongly doubt it.

Chances are that the MSM won't even mention it -- thus leaving the public with an overwhelming belief that a drone hit a plane and caused it to crash.

Re: Drama in the skies (28 Mar, 2018)

PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2018 3:10 pm
by phill
caa would have seen that note the second they opened the service history paperwork
when the investigation started
they would have known about it when they were first approached by the media
they chose to say nothing till all other possible escapes closed

i was also under the impression a crack in the windscreen was a defect and pilots had to sign off on all defects before taking over the plane

Re: Drama in the skies (28 Mar, 2018)

PostPosted: Fri May 25, 2018 12:13 pm
by aardvark_admin
Oh dear... our government ministers *again* show that they're even worse than the average Kiwi when it comes to following CAA's rules:

Transport Minister stripped of CAA responsibility for breaking rules

First Brownlee, now Twyford.

It seems that the colour of your politics makes no difference when it comes to breaking the CAA rules. I wonder if these guys have drones?

Now I understand why the email response I got in respect to a complaint about CAA's tardiness in responding to a question I emailed them many weeks ago is understandable:

Nicola Whale <>

May 18 (7 days ago)

to me

Dear Mr Simpson

On behalf of Hon Phil Twyford, Minister of Transport, thank you for your email of 10 May 2018.

The comments you have raised fall within the responsibilities of Hon Julie Anne Genter, the Associate Minister of Transport. Accordingly, your email has been forwarded to her office for consideration.

Kind regards

Nicola Whale

Correspondence Administrator – Transport

Office of Hon Phil Twyford | Minister of Transport

Private Bag 18041 | Parliament Buildings | Wellington 6160 | New Zealand

Re: Drama in the skies (28 Mar, 2018)

PostPosted: Fri May 25, 2018 12:34 pm
by phill
i thought we had got past the cell phones creating havoc with onboard electronics excuse
now i see its because " The association said the rules were in place because cell-phone signals could interfere with radar during take-off and landing. "

well to me after ~20 years of cell phones empirical if not analytical evidence would have shown the answer to that one way or the other
to be saying "could "after this amount of time is either rank laziness or just another furfie
i was also unaware they had a special radar just for take offs and landings ..
i would also think that during take offs and landings staring at the radar would be one of lesser important things with so much else going on at the time

i would think the only or at least main reason why airlines dont like people using cell phones in planes is more to do with terrorism and hijackings
if thats the reason .. just say it .. i can probably handle it ... at least its better than me thinking your just a bunch of over reactive dipstick drama queens

Re: Drama in the skies (28 Mar, 2018)

PostPosted: Fri May 25, 2018 2:54 pm
by Perry
It has nothing really to do with safety. It's all about airline revenue. I think AirNZ recently announced onboard WiFi for $40.

And - for a sizeable fee - airlines in USA have for a long time offered pull-from-the-back-of-the-seat-in-front-of-you and swipe-your-credit-card-to-make-a-call using our onboard cable-tied 'cell' phone facility.