Air Traffic Control - birds lead the way (2 May, 2018)

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Air Traffic Control - birds lead the way (2 May, 2018)

Postby aardvark_admin » Wed May 02, 2018 11:25 am

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Why not turn to nature when trying to solve a complex problem like coordinating thousands of unmanned aircraft in the skies above our heads?

By the time the problem is of sufficient magnitude to require a solution, will not artificial intelligence coupled with an autonomous capability provide the solution?

Given the lead-times involved in implementing complex technological solutions (especially in the aviation sector), would it not perhaps be sensible to not even bother embarking on an old-school UTM when the chances are that it will be outdated by AI technologies before it's even activated?
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Re: Air Traffic Control - birds lead the way (2 May, 2018)

Postby phill » Wed May 02, 2018 12:28 pm

is this just trying to get guaranteed separation by a simple rule ?

if so then we can govern the height by the course

with 000' being say 100 meters then 005' 104 meters 010' 108 meters 015 112 meters
and 355' 102 meters 350'' 106 meters 350 110

etc etc
that gives 2 meter separation minimum for more than 5 degree convergence
the chances of 2 drones close enough to converge is mathematically pretty small

suck and see the numbers till it looks good
this one just uses a 150 meter vertical corridor and 72 separation steps
change the corridor height available to use or the separation step heights and you can go to 2 - 3 degrees and virtually eliminate any chance of convergence
090 and 270 are a problem but benefit by being the height you can radically change direction if flying multi point course
all drones enter the pattern flying north then step the heights and direction till the desired course is attained

may not work but sounds ok to me

should work ok till there are permanently thousands iof them in a small area and no need for onboard sensing or co operation
by the time this breaks down they should be available long time

you can avoid any crossover at 90/270 by just stepping up 2 meters each course change where 355 is then at the top and 000 at the bottom but it means stepping down in a spiral to go to 000 and exiting the pattern
again no biggie and much safer
works even better if you make the spiral 540 degrees so everything from north going easterly to south has 2 heights
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