Audiophools on the loose again (10 May, 2018)

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Re: Audiophools on the loose again (10 May, 2018)

Postby aardvark_admin » Fri May 11, 2018 11:03 am

GadgetFreak wrote:Re your R-T-R comments: I've only heard a couple of R-T-R decks in my life, and never in systems I knew well enough to make a value judgement.
I'm surprised you feel you know audio reproduction well enough to make one though?

I used to earn my living servicing audio-gear at all levels... including some really expensive "top end" stuff (back in the analog days).

I was horrified at how *bad* early cassette decks (with ferrous tape and crappy mechanisms) were compared to R2R but R2R had its own problems and it wasn't too long before the advent of top-end casset decks (Nakamichi etc) Dolby-C and chrome/metal tapes eclipsed even the best of the 1/4-inch R2R systems I'd been working on.

I also recall when DAT tapes came out... if it wasn't for the crappy DRM they forced upon us, they might have been really big.
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Re: Audiophools on the loose again (10 May, 2018)

Postby Malcolm » Fri May 11, 2018 11:39 am

GadgetFreak wrote:Guess I'm in the minority here - I'm an "audiophool".
Just like there's people out the that love classic cars, movies and boats (why would anyone pour money into a hole in the water?? /s).

In a way, I completely agree with you, Bruce - why would you pay for anything with higher/different/better resolution than you can hear?
As you say, you are happy to listen to a "collection of crappy old 192K MP3 files on a small media player, smartphone or PC ". Obviously you don't see the point and/or can't hear the difference those and higher resolution / other styles of formats - and more power to you.
For myself, 192K MP3's are fine for background music - but even in the car, the difference between these and higher resolution MP3's (most of my collection is ripped to MP3 at 320K for mobile use, FLAC for "proper" listening) is significantly - and occasionally, almost painfully, obvious.

Again, happy that you have found your sweet spot: but I'm wondering why you're not casting aspertions at other hobbies also?

For example, you might be perfectly happy with a 32" TV with a colour temperature of 6500K and motion blur.
Others might prefer a carefully calibrated projector throwing a 120" picture onto a De-Lite are they "phools" as well?

There is a difference between someone buying actual high-end speakers and amp etc and feeding in a high quality source. To the people cargo-culting it and buying overpriced cables and cheaply made but expensive to buy analogue gear. I know someone here who built his own valve guitar amp and it sounds great. I also had another friend who acquired some old speakers with blown valves which he replaced. Cost both of them very little and had some nice sounding kit which also created a bit of a conversation piece. For some of my listening I have a decent sound card pumped through a digital amp to some surround speakers. Use nice FLAC files for the source. I don't use that much any more though, small children and loud music aren't a good mix. Mostly it is a cheap set of Bluetooth headphones from The Warehouse and a mobile phone pulling off Youtube.
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