Vaccinations... bah! (11 Jun, 2018)

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Re: Vaccinations... bah! (11 Jun, 2018)

Postby Mike23545 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:44 am

Hi y'awll,
Well, I am so sorry that you all seem to suffer when the cold weather comes around & the dreaded flu & cold season hits.

Just a FWIW...
I've never had a cold or the flu......ever.
Never had a flu shot but during the many years & various jobs, a few of my work mates did & they all ended up with the flu.
No kidding.

Anyway, I hope that you all get better soon & don't imbibe in those spirited drinks too much, as they lower your resistance.

What was that old saying?.....
"Feed a cold & starve a fever."
Lotsa hot soup & lemon drink?
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Re: Vaccinations... bah! (11 Jun, 2018)

Postby Malcolm » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:01 am

phill wrote:yup .. no one cooking meth out of over the counter ephedrines purchased in nz

i am still mulling over the benefits and drawbacks of flue shots

get it regular and have a built in supply of anti bodies to all the types they say you will get
get the flue every now and then and have an immune system that still functions
for that inevitable time where the flue virus forgets to read the script and springs a surprise

Do you realise how vaccines and the immune system works? A vaccine trains your immune system how to recognise and respond to and infection. A vaccine doesn't make your immune system lazy so it doesn't know how to respond. For a vaccine to be effective you need to have a functioning immune system to begin with.
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Re: Vaccinations... bah! (11 Jun, 2018)

Postby paulw » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:35 am

Malcolm wrote:I remember the good old days of over the counter psuedoephedrine. Get a cold or flu, poop a couple of them and be functional again for the day. Sadly They banned that to stop people cooking up meth, and we all saw how well that has worked out.

Yep sure worked out well. Now the only flu and cold medicine that you can get are $20 packs of basically sugar pills for what good they do. Maybe the new Gov will reverse Keys ban on Psuedoephedrine tablets but I suspect not.
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Re: Vaccinations... bah! (11 Jun, 2018)

Postby phill » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:42 am

thats the theory

vaccines are introduced to the body in a form the immune system can easily recognise and act on
my problem is a small sub set of that and may or may not be totally wrong
its the bit where the immune system doesnt have an easily recognised form to deal with

to try and clarify a bit my stance
if there was a more virulent strain about to hit i would have no problem getting a shot
i am in agreement with basic immunisation for most things .. i just think my body also needs to be trained to produce a good supply of adaptable hunters as well as killers
( ,,,,,,,, ....... A E I O U use em sparingly theres probably not enough )

i might live and eat in a sewer .. but hey look how many of these shiney things i have got
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