IT, science or luck? (21 Nov, 2014)

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Re: IT, science or luck? (21 Nov, 2014)

Postby RoddyAxn » Sat Nov 22, 2014 5:24 am

My iPad has stopped partially.

IT is a changing software land scape.

Upgrades are down grades when I can not click on a URL and run the YouTube video from my iPad

That is correct. Two weeks ago URL no longer deliver me to the video.

The iPad still works the same but just urls are not able to be linked to follow up material.

For example. If I get an email to say Bruce has a new Rcmodelreviews or xjet video.

That is correct. Before I could click on the link in the email and YouTube would start up and play.

Not now.

Email is no longer a delivery of links to new contact.

I push the link in the email and nothing happens.

It just is pressed and will not engage.

Nothing I can do except to go to the channel and investigate independently.

The link no longer works to the next page.

Imagine a book where the links to the next page do not work. A book where you can not turn to the next page. A book with all the pages stuck together.

That is how the IT is being selectively bricked. A book with no pages is a lump of wood. An internet with no links is a lightning strike. Dead trees from lightning strike. A tree dies. In tokoroA we have the tree man made from a lightning strike. Dead. So my email and computer use is being altered. I am being externally steered. Who is directing me and frustrating my will. Shutting doors in my face, censoring me from what I can see and hear. Not letting me attend pages, rooms, or websites. Restricting me from freedom on the net.

I had an employment court judge ask me a question from the dock and under oath as a plaintive in a protective disclosure case and I was able to search my iPhone over four years of data. It surprised the state organisation representation, who was the dependent, with exact quotes of what has been said. With this power to recollect verbatim the state withered. The judge smiled and inferred the state was telling lies. Intentionally misleading. But next day for the first time my iPhone shut down by itself and when it started all the data on the phone was gone. The backup was on the cloud. The contacts came back but the photographs and the notes had all gone missing. Why is this important? Because the speaker of the House of Parliament wants to have a look at this case and to see if the ombudsman office had been corrupted by a state body. The speaker of the house wants to then pass it on the the floor of parliament so that the ombudsman office can be investigated. And the case law on this under the 2000 Protective disclosure act does not exist. So it I say this and then go missing then you know what 48 hours of warrant-less survelience means. They can look and then brick your data to then eliminate the threat. A drone with a hellfire missil is just a tiny extension to this power.

So what is at stake here?

Let's see your comments.
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Re: IT, science or luck? (21 Nov, 2014)

Postby RoddyAxn » Sat Nov 22, 2014 5:55 am

If the above post is upsetting (well it is to me) then here is a way to get rupture perspective on it. ... existence/

These 26 photos will show our place in the observable universe. Nice!
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Re: IT, science or luck? (21 Nov, 2014)

Postby par_annoyed » Sat Nov 22, 2014 4:02 pm

Scale -
I've seen something like those 26 photos before - But, yes, they really do give a nice sense of scale, and how the Earth is an insignificant speck of matter in a huge, huge space of pretty much nothing.

Software -

Well, it's hard to comment, because there's so much garbage,viruses,compromised apps out there, even before you get to the plain old ordinary software that doesn't work due to bugs, and that ANY online update is risky.

I switched off Windows auto update years ago, and for this internet connected computer I run Linux, as it's (generally) much safer, and easier to make secure.
I don't even auto update the Linux sofware - I do it manually. Yes I am paranoid.
I don't have an advanced phone or tablet - call me a luddite, but I don't see the point of having one. I do have a basic mobile phone, and that's what it does - answers and makes phone calls.
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Re: IT, science or luck? (21 Nov, 2014)

Postby aardvark_admin » Sat Nov 22, 2014 4:30 pm

Wow par_annoyed... software: Snap! Me too :-)
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Re: IT, science or luck? (21 Nov, 2014)

Postby par_annoyed » Sun Nov 23, 2014 7:23 am


I have noticed that there is a divide between the older and younger generations by what technology they use, but this divide gets more distinct as the 'tech awareness' increases. Us older IT people do tend to be far more paranoid and suspicious. Is this because we understand what can be done in terms of spying/watching/planting rogue software, or because we have just had too much experience of 'bad' IT ? In truth, I don't know for sure.... I suspect it's both.

The younger end seem to be happy to send each other nude selfies and expect somehow these photos (data) won't be captured by the service providers and/or sent to a collector via a rogue app, and it's some kind of scandal when it does. Yeah. Right. The techie press is full of reports about how even 'good quality' apps (whatever that means) constantly leak their location, and often other data too, but I suspect it's the older techies that read this stuff, not the younger ones who are most affected.

<end rant>
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