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Postby Malcolm » Fri Nov 28, 2014 9:25 am

Screw wrote:
enerider wrote:As Malcolm says, using Tor will get you flagged (already probably too late for me as I used it before I knew better, but oh well).

Easier to set up some VPN VMs overseas (don't need huge processor or disk, just need the hop).


You and me Rider. What I like about Tor is that the spooks have to work very hard to wade through all the hoops. As I said, make them work for the money they get only to find that there is nothing there worth all that time! ;)

I use VPN proxies too, especially the anon ones. :mrgreen:

They don't actually have to work that hard now. They have the infrastructure in place already so have relatively easy access to it.
Tor was originally created by the US Navy don't forget.
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