While I was away from the box... (4 Dec, 2014)

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Re: While I was away from the box... (4 Dec, 2014)

Postby RoddyAxn » Thu Dec 04, 2014 9:33 am

Make the $39 billion dollars a year social welfare spend in New Zealand conditional on the retired not watching television.

Retired folk can collect a state pension or watch television.

The young unemployed can get the dole or watch television but not both.

And then see the old pass the skills onto the younger generation.

As it is now the television is the baby sitter for the solo mother.

The TV is the news decimator.

Gone is the flicker of the fire and the stories told late into the night.

The fires place flicker only is replaced with TV flicker and the advertising of fast foods.

The salt, fats, and sugars, that were once essential for our survival are now killing us.

But is there life after a screen.

Yes the screen can be a computer screen.

If you look at all your screen time in a month then FPV RC Quadcopter flight must be factored in and also the work towards that time.

So we are a nation of screen-Philic citizens.
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Re: While I was away from the box... (4 Dec, 2014)

Postby phill » Thu Dec 04, 2014 10:17 am

Malcolm wrote:Oh

I would also like to know what they classify as watching TV. Is it having the morning breakfast programs on in the background while getting ready in the mornings? Or actually sitting on the couch attentatively watching Law and Order?

1/ nine hours a day
2/ maybe an hour a day .. and even then its mostly looking at the computer screen and streaming a doco in the ad breaks
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Re: While I was away from the box... (4 Dec, 2014)

Postby mad mike » Thu Dec 04, 2014 12:52 pm

I would be lucky to watch that much in a week all via xbmc the TV sits in the corner doing nothing since we decided that the continuous adverts and Americanized drivel on the box all aimed at making us spend more and want more of the latest fads was simply unnecessary and the difference in the children has been dramatic gone are the unresponsive stares and inactivity when the box is on instead books and outdoor play are more of a priority along with all round better manners and behavior plus they get to watch movies and cartoons with no ads before bed if they want to but they usually choose a book or playing games instead hopefully this will result in adolescents with the right sort of work and social ethic and a desire to be a productive members of society but time will tell
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mad mike
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Re: While I was away from the box... (4 Dec, 2014)

Postby Logan Savage » Thu Dec 04, 2014 2:03 pm

sez it all really...
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Re: While I was away from the box... (4 Dec, 2014)

Postby roygbiv » Thu Dec 04, 2014 7:01 pm

I agree with Goosemoose on this one, sometimes you just talk a load of old tosh, today must be your beer glass is half empty day.
It is a great headline grabber about TV habits in US but what about the remaining hours of the day that the people of the biggest (and successful) economy do. It is that that matters more so I would not be too quick to pass judgement. Somebody somewhere is doing something right stateside.
Whenever, I have sat down in front of the tube it is at the end of a long hard day and I just want to be entertained and perhaps vegetate a little, no harm in that.
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Re: While I was away from the box... (4 Dec, 2014)

Postby Perry » Thu Dec 04, 2014 7:03 pm

We don't have a working TV in the house and I gave it
up as a brain-washing tool, years before that, too.
The late George Carlin summed it up quite well, here.

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Re: While I was away from the box... (4 Dec, 2014)

Postby Anaru » Fri Dec 05, 2014 12:18 am

I like watching interesting TV programmes when the kids are asleep in bed, even if the programme isn't that interesting it's quite a novelty to actually be able to hear the TV and to follow the programme chronologically rather than it being interrupted every five minutes. Even then, the super powers developed to watch TV while the kids are awake enable you to multi-task in the relative serenity, so I'm generally doing something else at the same time.

I also like watching the news on TV while eating dinner even though I've already read the news half a dozen times online. Although most of that time is spent yelling at the kids to eat their dinner, not throw their dinner on the floor and or to take their plate off of their head.

So based on these personal reflections, I'd suspect that the figure suggested isn't quite accurate, the TV might be on however the reality is that you're also doing something else for that period of time.
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