It's been so long since the forums were up you may need to introduce yourselves to the others who visit this website. Give us a little background and info.


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Aka Clive

Some what nerdy:

More recently have spent some time trying to straighten out a bunch of "Thieving Lying Cheats" ( see more here: ) a pursuit that has also led me to realise that so called regulators (Electricity Authority and Commerce Commission) are next to useless. I used to think we lived in a country that was more or less free of corruption. No so sure now. Would be interested to hear from other customers of The Lines Company (Te Kuiti based electricity distributor covering area from Ohakune to Otorohanga) who may frequent these forums.

Have read Aardvark fairly frequently for quite a few years, and contributed to the earlier versions of the forums in a small way every now and then.
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