Drones in Archaeology

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Drones in Archaeology

Postby Muscular Jam » Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:02 pm

I thought this might interest the drone enthusiasts. Apparently drones don't just deliver pizza to Simon Bridges, they have uses in Archaeology!

Since the invention of photography, archaeological research has used aerial images to understand the spatial context of ground features and accentuate features that would not be apparent otherwise. Buried features can produce small changes in surface conditions, such as slight differences in ground level, soil density and water retention, which in turn induce vegetation patterns (crop marks), create variability in soil color (soil-marks) or even shadows (shadow-marks) that can be seen from above. At Calit2, multi-rotor unmanned aerial remote sensing tools prove to be valuable for scientific research. Created to provide aerial imaging and photogrammetry for the international Valley of the Khans Project in Mongolia, these unmanned systems were designed as inexpensive but robust remote sensing and sensor platforms. The nature of archaeological field work requires design criteria that exceed off-the-shelf alternatives in robustness, dependability and repeatability. Electronically powered platforms were engineered with lithium polymer batteries and programmed to conduct specific flight operations, guided by either onboard GPS or ground radio control. Altitude and location are measured through onboard pressure sensors and GPS, respectively. Internal control systems facilitate steady flight and hold position (within 5 ft of error) in wind conditions tested up to 30 mph. This imaging capability resulted in rapid on-the-go assessment of newly identified archaeological features, providing valuable guidance for further ground and geophysical surveys. http://c795631.r31.cf2.rackcdn.com/cyber_archaeology_in_the_holy_land_the_future_of_the_past.pdf
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