tax fraud vs benefit fraud

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Re: tax fraud vs benefit fraud

Postby aardvark_admin » Sun Sep 10, 2017 6:35 pm

To me it's a bit like saying "he's worse than me, he murdered 1001 people, I only murdered 1000.

Neither of them is as white as snow and the fact that the nation is prepared to put people (of any kind) with such low ethical standards into government explains why we have the problems we have today.
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Re: tax fraud vs benefit fraud

Postby Muscular Jam » Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:19 pm

Jimmy wrote:So I think the graphic is a bit misleading.
It is a gross simplification in many ways.

It doesn't say that English used lawyers to arrange his affairs so that he could legally claim money from the state that he knew he wasn't entitled to, based on the factually wrong declaration that he lived in one place when really he lived in another. He did this while he was a minister of the crown, continuing the practice he had begun while he was an opposition MP. This situation was judged by parliament to be so wrong that after the English affair was over, the rules were changed to stop anybody else doing it. Even after he was caught he did not admit guilt or remorse, simply saying that "it was a bad look". And what was his motive for this behaviour? Certainly not hardship, so the only candidate seems to be simple greed.

Turei wasn't caught, she admitted it. At the time she was a beneficiary with a child, so her claim that it was motivated by hardship has a certain amount of plausibility. As for dollar values, as far as I know the amount hasn't been announced.

But as a I said, fraud is bad, its the reactions of their parties and the effect on their careers that intrigued me. In a similar vein recent research from Vic shows that The higher up white-collar criminals are in a company, the less severely they are likely to be punished, with senior men typically treated most leniently of all

Meanwhile Peters has been caught declaring he was single on his superannuation for 7 years. Will labour say that it will refuse to consider him a coalition partner as it did with Turei?
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Re: tax fraud vs benefit fraud

Postby phill » Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:43 pm

at $900 a week bullshit billy reaches the 50k mark in ~ a year
how long has he owned the house / been in parliament ?
how much did he claim
how much did he consider full repayment

its why im all in favour of bringing back capital punishment
only for politicians
only for things they did while in power
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