Got a visit from CAA investigators today

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Got a visit from CAA investigators today

Postby aardvark_admin » Wed Aug 06, 2014 7:04 pm

Regular readers may recall that I've been voicing my concerns (and frustrations) at the way CAA has been treating my attempts to earn a living and to develop some serious aviation safety technology.

Well I think what happened today really proves my claims that I am being unfairly treated and the victim of some nasty politics.

This afternoon, two CAA officials arrived at my hangar. One of them was an "Investigating Officer".

I was advised that the reason they were there was to discuss this video:

in which I clearly fly my little 250mm mini quadcopter within 4Km of the local airfield - a breach of CAA regulations.

Of course it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to realise that the video was posted with the intention of provoking a response from CAA.

But let's examine the facts:

On numerous occasions, I have shown Rex Kenny of CAA video evidence of MFNZ members (in particular, those flying fast, heavy and very dangerous RC jets) in violation of CAA's regulations. This evidence has shown these people flying in conditions of low visibility (less than the legal minimum of 3Km) and on an open runway without an observer beside them to look out for oncoming aircraft.

Never, to the best of my knowledge, has any of these complaints and evidence resulted in an "investigating officer" being despatched and questioning the parties involved. Never have these complaints resulted in any censure or sanctions being metered out to those offenders.

It seems that, regardless of the level and frequency of their offending, they can do no wrong.

Also, when I have attempted to continue the development of my SAA technology *on the ground* using a band that is specifically allocated for industrial, scientific and medical use -- CAA step in and forbid me from doing so, despite 100% compliance with all the relevant RSM regulations -- simply because of the complaint of these idiot jet fliers who have no technical understanding of the situation and whose attempts to have the police intervene were met with a "stop wasting our time" response. Why does CAA forbid my testing -- because someone *might* be flying an RC jet outside and my transmissions *might* interfere with that activity. ... -shot-down

Okay, so all of my complaints of very real, very serious threats to the safety of the airspace and users of Tokoroa Airfield as a result of the illegal activities of these RC jet fliers fall on deaf ears -- despite the wealth of evidence (just one example: ) I have delivered. Yet, when some grumpy old man complains that *I* flew within 4Km of the airfield without "wings", CAA sends TWO officials on an almost 1,000Km round trip to investigate -- despite the fact that anyone who saw that video could see that I posed no threat to the safety of full-sized aircraft (no 747s or Cessnas under those trees) and was no threat to the public in the park at the time.

How long must this crap continue?

Is this really New Zealand -- or some totalitarian regime run by a bunch of grumpy old men well connnected to some sockpuppet civil servants?
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Re: Got a visit from CAA investigators today

Postby GSVNoFixedAbode » Fri Aug 08, 2014 8:50 am

Oh, FFS, seriously?!? :o

Did you ask them their timetable for investigating ALL other infractions posted on YT of NZ flyers, or are they happy for you to take a case of harassment against their office?
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Re: Got a visit from CAA investigators today

Postby aardvark_admin » Fri Aug 08, 2014 9:10 am

Sadly, it would make no difference.

What is most alarming about the whole situation is how it speaks to the way this country has changed.

Once upon a time, when outrageous bullying and victimisation occured in NZ, people would get outraged and speak out. These days the response from most people is usually "thank God it's not happening to me" and then they go about their business.

Have we become so inured to such abuse that we no longer feel it worth complaining about or objecting to -- at least so long as it doesn't directly affect ourselves?

And, in the case of a government agency, what would happen anyway?

It seems, based on the unbelievable precedents set in the Kim Dotcom and similar cases, so long as there's "no criminal intent", they can almost get away with murder when it comes to their unlawful treatment of people.
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Re: Got a visit from CAA investigators today

Postby Screw » Sat Aug 09, 2014 9:48 am

Part of the problem with dissent is that those who were to the forefront of action are now part of the problem. Students who would have been out protesting all kinds of things are now training to be part of the management, financial field and even future pollies. They won't 'rock the boat'!

Can you find some-one with no connections to you, filming the idiocy and then making a complaint as a 'Concerned Citizen'? A friend of a friend's cuzzy bro. to do it! That way the CAA couldn't associate you with the complaint.

Then get them to film the crazy and dangerous model flying at the airfield and approach the main news papers and even Campbell Live etc. You would need some-one who would persevere and get the system changed.
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