Tokoroa's new pokies

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Tokoroa's new pokies

Postby greven » Sat Dec 16, 2017 5:56 pm

What do you think of the new pokies coming soon to Tokaroa? The council might get enough money from them to promote recreational activities in the area.
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Re: Tokoroa's new pokies

Postby aardvark_admin » Sun Dec 17, 2017 6:46 am

This is a real dog's breakfast. Based on the feedback received so far, the vast majority of the community is strongly opposed to this move and the council is in damage-control mode.

The council has rolled out a long list of excuses such as:

-- it wasn't *this* council, it was the previous one (even though the majority sitting on council today were also sitting on the council that made the decsion).

-- they couldn't stop the amalgamation -- despite the fact that the law says that such a move requires council permission

-- it is a "good thing" for the community because 40% of the money spent on pokies goes back into the community.

-- it is a "good thing" because even though Tokoroa gets more pokies, the total number of pokies in the South Waikato is reduced, as are the number of venues where they're installed.

Of course it looks even worse because a current (and former) councilor is the manager of the establishment which benefits from these pokies. She was not on council when the decision was made but she was on a previous council and she is on council today. Whether it's just coincidence or not, it's a bad look.

The bottom line is that there was absolutely insufficient consultation with the community on this issue and as a result there's a huge community backlash.

The Mayor is now receiving media training, presumably at ratepayers expense (I wonder why?)
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