ENOUGH already -- Stuff is NZ's DailyMail

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ENOUGH already -- Stuff is NZ's DailyMail

Postby aardvark_admin » Tue Feb 27, 2018 11:26 am

For Christ's sake, when will someone rip the media (especially Stuff) a new one?

Yet another drone stalking story with facts that don't quite add up:

https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/101802 ... n-backyard

"It was hovering for about 30 minutes in various spots, Halligan said."

Well given that most store-bought (and DIY) drones can't hover for much more than 20 minutes and this would include the time taken to move to and return from the point of hover, I call BS again.

Then, take a look at the picture of Morgaine Halligan... is it just me or does that appear like a "look at me" pose? Hardly a "gosh, I was afraid because there was a drone hovering over my head" expression... more of a "15 minutes of fame" look.

Mum's also clearly had her fair share of sun in her time and hardly seems the demure type, at least based on the photo she provided to the media.

But let's look at the "story"...

Stuff has gone the whole hog here, not only recycling a great deal of the previous "camouflaged drone at window" story they published a week or so ago, but also cleverly plugging their own "Neighbourly" website.

From the altitude the drone was being flown, the people below would be unrecognisable and it is far more likely the operator was just "having a fly" than actually being a voyeur. The difference in lighting might also suggest that there were a couple of flights involved and that the operator was located not too far away -- perhaps just down the road and hovering over their *own* house.

If I can pull these stories apart why the hell can't Stuff's "journalists" be a little more objective and cynical? Easy... because then they couldn't write yet another bullshirt story vilifying drones.

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