Yes, of course there's an agenda

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Yes, of course there's an agenda

Postby aardvark_admin » Mon Apr 29, 2019 11:29 am

I've ranted long and often about the agendas that exist within the manned-aviation community and the media with respect to the vilification of drones.

Well if you needed more proof... here it is:

Yes, a flights were diverted after a "possible" drone sighting, even though that "possible" sighting occurred OUTSIDE the 5Km exclusion zone within which drones are forbidden without special permission.

So let's get this right... someone may have been flying a drone quite safely and lawfully well away from Gatwick Airport but that still sparks flight diversions and a wave of anti-drone media stories (note how much of the BBC's story is dedicated to reminding everyone of the Christmas Gatwick incident).

Or, given that Heathrow is outside the Gatwick exclusion zone, maybe it was *this* drone they saw: ... -yard.html

And, as per today's column, here's the NZH's "premium journalistic" take on events: ... d=12225984 No, I won't be paying for this dross!
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