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What does this say?

PostPosted: Mon May 06, 2019 9:42 am
by aardvark_admin
I think I have found a new metric by which to measure the health of a town's population...

This morning I went to The Warehouse to get some new jeans.

I looked online and they have my size (now an 80-82) available for just $11 a pair -- woohoo! Who cares about quality, feel the numerage!

Sadly however, when I rolled up at the local Ware-Whare and searched the racks, I found that the closest sizes they actually stock here are a 77 (too small) and a 102 -- WAY big.

In fact there were plenty of 102 and up sizes -- for the fuller figure I guess... but nothing my size. Given that I'm (now) fairly well proportioned and the right weight for my height (health-wise), what can we deduce from this?

1. that everyone else is about my size and therefore there is only stock of the less popular sizes?
2. that they don't bother stocking my (healthy) size because there's only a demand for teenage and fat-bubba sizes?

Well they're having to order in size 80 or 82 for me specially -- because it seems that they don't usually stock this size here.

Wow... do we have an obesity problem or what?

Re: What does this say?

PostPosted: Mon May 06, 2019 10:40 am
by phill
maybe there was a rush on 80-82 from pre teens ( teens wont wear warehouse jeans )
maybe they are lazy and dont stock take sizes often
maybe they are stupid and ordered x of each size
you would have to see the order and sales books to get a definite
but it would be a interesting peruse to see the average size of standard garments sold in each shop ( area ) since it opened
i know my local one has heaps of up to 77 and over 110 but not much between or xs, s, xxxl, xxxxl
maybe they just cater for heavy grass users ( xxxl plus )
and meth users ( s- )