interesting article regarding "Drones" and privacy

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interesting article regarding "Drones" and privacy

Postby Joel » Mon Feb 02, 2015 11:38 am

The article I found on stuff talks about drones and privacy. ... ay-critics

I found it quite interesting as this is something that a lot of people are buying these things with cameras and people are getting concerned about their privacy, forgetting that is real easy to pull out a cellphone and hit record. the article did seem quite balanced as it did say that the current privacy laws already cover some one piloting a quad to someones window and recording them.

As multi-rotors will keep coming down in price and increasing in availability that the whole privacy issue will keep popping up and CAA might have more work to do.

What are your guys thoughts on this, I am quite interested to see what you think and to see if I may have left something out or not be informed on some part.
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Re: interesting article regarding "Drones" and privacy

Postby aardvark_admin » Mon Feb 02, 2015 11:55 am

The privacy issue is beyond CAA's purview, they are only responsible for *safety*. The fact that CAA has (under the proposed 102 regulations) dictated that you can't fly a drone (or RC model) over any property without first getting the permission of the property owner is a crock.

Full-sized pilots don't need to get permission to over-fly private or public property so why should the operators of unmanned craft be required to?

It strikes me that this is simply an attempt to constrain recreational fliers to small patches of land they either own themselves or which are MFNZ recognised club flying fields. That's just not how FPV works ;-)
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Re: interesting article regarding "Drones" and privacy

Postby Screw » Tue Feb 17, 2015 6:19 pm

Ah yes this old chestnut!

People are entitled of a reasonable expectation of privacy on private property. For example if you take a pic of your tree-lined street and in it is Mrs. Jones in her front garden pruning her roses she has no expectation of privacy as her garden is in plain view from the public street. Now, if she has a high fence around it and you peered over it and took a photo the situation would be very different and Mrs. Jones would have good cause to complain.

If one is in a public park and took a panoramic photo of it with people in it, there would be no privacy issues but if you deliberately focussed on the Smith family having a picnic, they could complain unless they gave you permission first.

Now shops are another difficulty. Some think that because a shop is open to the public they can take photos inside it, wrong, a shop is Private Property. One would need a release from the owner/occupier to do so. Same applies if one stands outside the shop and takes a photo through the shop window even although the goods on display are clearly visible from outside.

If Miss Darby is sunbathing in her back yard with a fence around one would be in doodoo if you took photos without her permission as she have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

The same would apply to drones!
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