On Drones and Other Things...

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On Drones and Other Things...

Postby Screw » Sat Apr 11, 2015 11:36 am

The Police in India are planning to use drones to control crowds!

Police in northern India have reportedly acquired pepper-spraying drones intended for use on protesters and others labeled as threats to public safety.

"They can be used to shower pepper powder on an unruly mob in case of any trouble," said Yashasvi Yadav, police superintendent of Lucknow, a major city in northern India, according to the Times of India.

Technology that allows remote-controlled crowd control is relatively new, but Yadav's strategy is part of a trend of governments and businesses dramatically expanding drone use despite warnings from skeptics who want stricter rules imposed on the devices.

"We can't as a world rush into utilizing this tech," Alli McCracken, national coordinator of Code Pink, an organization that opposes drones, told VICE News. "The police are already so militarized. It's a matter of privacy and safety." (emphasis mine.)


An example of how a good thing can be used for a bad purpose!
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