Sigh... the media stoops even lower

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Sigh... the media stoops even lower

Postby aardvark_admin » Thu Oct 29, 2015 7:26 am

Not content with misrepresenting the facts surrounding civilian drone use so as to strike fear, uncertainty and doubt into the minds of the public by vilifying these craft, they have now resorted to publishing stories that are 100% fabricated:

Drone crash kills roofer, puppy saved

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Re: Sigh... the media stoops even lower

Postby goosemoose » Thu Oct 29, 2015 10:48 am

Bruce, Bruce, Oh Bruce. Don't you realise it's OK if the media do it and at tag it with:

"NOTE: Above anecdote is purely a figment of the author's off-piste imagination"

Try using that excuse when going though airport security though....
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Re: Sigh... the media stoops even lower

Postby Screw » Fri Oct 30, 2015 1:30 pm

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!
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Re: Sigh... the media stoops even lower

Postby Alexanders » Tue Nov 03, 2015 8:13 am

But the story does not make sense, none what so ever. I could not find any other outlet with such story as well, so here's my question, why? This is an honest question from you guys, why even in US media would do that? The land of freedom!!
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Re: Sigh... the media stoops even lower

Postby phill » Wed Nov 04, 2015 4:19 pm ... blic-event

and this is what happens when the public are terrorized by media imagination
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