WTF Xero?

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WTF Xero?

Postby aardvark_admin » Thu Nov 05, 2015 12:13 pm

I was looking at the Xero website today and I have to say that what I read must surely border on deceptive advertising.

Under the heading: Change your Kiwi small business to Xero

It very clearly states: "Accounting and payroll in one, at one transparent price"

but when you scroll down to the section headed: Pricing plans that go easy on your pocket

It gives a range of pricing options and states: "* Add Payroll from $10 per month"

Should I be confused?

If it's accounting and payroll in one -- why is the payroll an extra $10/month?
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Re: WTF Xero?

Postby Alexanders » Thu Nov 05, 2015 12:47 pm

I can see why the confusion, but sometimes there are many different packages which confuses the sales people themselves. I checked it up and it does not say both are included in the package but both are under one system. It's a deceptive play on words, typical of sales and marketing people. Sometimes you thinks it's stereo types but if you get into this field you see it's more than stereo types. I am a marketer and my father in law asked my now wife (then girlfriend) what does he do, and once she said a marketer, he said "well he's a good liar then".
There are so many situations which you can play with words and pictures and make a good sale, but shoppers are being more and more smart and these tactics are not working anymore. Transparency is a must have now. Even slightest difference between what is claimed and what is asked for can drive potential customers away, like yourself.
Well there's no point in saying but I'm different from others but the line is very thin and it's just understanding your ethics and your customers that could hold you back.
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