What interested you over the weekend of 15 July 2016

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What interested you over the weekend of 15 July 2016

Postby RoddyAxn » Mon Jul 18, 2016 7:55 am

I made notes of interesting stuff onto a blog page for your interest.

http://indaparliament.blogspot.com/2016 ... eking.html

It finished with Sunday night solving a cold case in the USA that I want you to take a look at.

But it began with two old 1943 movies. Yes the heart of the war effort and you can see how the media rallied the troops.

The second movie about the canteen had an actor in the kitchen who had a guest appearance as Tarsan of the Jungle where he took his shirt off the watch the dishes. Was was interesting is that I had just watched a 1943 Tarsan movie before the 1943 canteen movie and the same actor popped up in both.

Then I get into some philosophy if Imanual Kant. What surprised me is he taught for 15 years before tenure and only survived on what his students paid him and is library job of staking the shelves.

Enjoy and put a link into the comments on what you looked into over the weekend!
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