More proof that the MJP is doomed

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More proof that the MJP is doomed

Postby aardvark_admin » Tue Jul 19, 2016 3:26 pm

This press release, just received from Martin Jet Pack is further proof that this company and its products are doomed. As I've mentioned on many, many occasions, companies that are failing generally start taking their eye off the ball and claim to be working on newer products (because the ones already under development just don't work). Here's what MJP are doing now:

Martin Aircraft Company Teams Up with Oakley and Bubba Watson to Design Golf Cart Jetpack

19 July 2016

Ferrying your golf bags and equipment around the golf course has taken on a whole new dimension as the world’s first flying golf cart takes to the skies. The Golf Cart Jetpack is the result of a collaboration between Martin Aircraft Company, maker of the Martin Jetpack, sporting equipment manufacturer, Oakley, and pro golfer Bubba Watson.

Bubba Watson, two time Masters champion and currently fifth ranked golfer in the world, is known for pushing the boundaries of his sport in an attempt to make it faster and more fun. Three years ago he teamed up with Oakley to create the world’s first hovercraft golf cart. With golf returning to the Olympics this year after an absence of more than a century, Bubba and Oakley wanted to take this idea to the next level and approached Martin Aircraft Company to develop the concept based on its current pre-production prototypes. The outcome of this venture can be seen in the Bubba’s Jetpack video.

Says CEO and Managing Director of Martin Aircraft Company, Peter Coker, “Much like Oakley, the Martin Jetpack brand has at its core the concepts of innovation, performance and design. Being a disruptive technology ourselves, we understand the drive behind disruptive marketing and we were able to adapt the Martin Jetpack’s cutting edge technology to create a golf cart that offers a bird’s eye view of the golf course.”

The video was produced by viral video company Thinkmodo, who shot the flying sequences at the Methven and Tai Tapu golf courses near Martin Aircraft Company headquarters in Christchurch, New Zealand. Although it was Martin Aircraft Company’s VP of Flight Operations, Mike Read, who flew the aircraft, Bubba is determined not to be far behind and is currently third on the waiting list for a Personal Martin Jetpack and pilot training once the Jetpack has been certified by the regulatory authorities and is released to market.

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