TPPA submissions close today before second reading of Bill

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TPPA submissions close today before second reading of Bill

Postby RoddyAxn » Fri Jul 22, 2016 8:13 am

Toss a coin.

Heads I get tried for Treason, tails I give away $20,O00,0000 million dollars.

You are scratching your heads.

Death penalty or $20 trillion.

Kaput I or $20,000 billion.

That is what I put in my submission. ... -tppa.html

(Have I got yours and the select committee attention?)

The largest wealth transfer this century in our part of the solar system.

The entire debt of the whole of the USA in its complete history is the value of the minerals in the ground around New Zealand

And I have not even started to include Antartica!

So I put it on the table as a hot hot hot potatoe (Rewi)

And you can follow me down in August 17 or 24th 2016 to hear my submission in person in Wellington to the select committee.

Never have so few been owned so much by so many was a saying about the pilots of the Battle of Britain.

Well we have a new saying on TPPA and crown minerals

"Always have so many borrowed so much from so many."

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