Trump; Genius or playing with the Press via Vlad

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Trump; Genius or playing with the Press via Vlad

Postby RoddyAxn » Fri Jul 29, 2016 8:03 am

Sound bite on the news today was Trump in a press conference asking for 30,000 emails for the USA press from Russia.

Brilliant theater for a Shakespeare farce.

Either the Clintons destroyed all the emails on the private server and security was super strong to stop all hackers


The USA Governemnt is deprived 30,000 emails to protect a gross error with the Death Penalty but the only national security agency of any worth not spying on the Secreteary of State was the USA Governemnt and the emails are now like 52 playing cards being dealt in card games around the world in a way that reminds me of a solitaire game on the ubiquitous work computers.

The press could do their job and find a leak of the "deleted emails" from other nations.

Or as we have now the presumptive presumptive President of the USA could say that Vlad is doing a better job at leading a nation than President Obama.

The hand over of the White House will be an interesting affair.

Evicting a tenant for Trump was usually because the rent was not paid. But in this case Trump is Vetting Hillary Clinton's family for the White House and saying that Snowden should get a room mate with Vlad's blessing.
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