Oh the irony

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Oh the irony

Postby aardvark_admin » Wed Aug 17, 2016 9:46 am

I'm currently in talks with a US-based group with a view to bringing some of the world's top drone-racing pilots out to NZ this summer. The goal is to organise an event here in Tokoroa where the world's best will put on flying displays and generally help promote the sport here.

Now if you want further proof that CAA's regulations are crazy-loony-tunes stuff, consider this:

Each of these world-class drone pilots will be forbidden to fly *unless* they are under the direct supervision of someone with "wings" -- regardless of the actual skill level of that supervisor. That's right, someone like me (who is a member of "Team Nana" and can't fly for crap) has to supervise the world freestyle drone champion or we'd be breaking the law.

This is kind of like saying "Hey, we're going to hold a round of the world Formula 1 championships here in New Zealand but all the F1 drivers will have to be accompanied in the cockpit as they race around the track by an old lady with an NZ drivers' license.

Can you say "laughing stock of the international community?"

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