More drone BS from CAA

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More drone BS from CAA

Postby aardvark_admin » Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:59 am

Read this and worry about how poorly CAA is dealing with the issue of responsibly regulating drone use in NZ: ... -drone-use

They acknowledge that the real problem are tourists when they say "Drones are proving to be a headache in tourist hotspots like Queenstown and Tekapo - prompting the Civil Aviation Authority to look at tougher rules for recreational drone operators"

But then they say *stupid* things like:

"You've got something that weighs three or four kilograms doing 50km/h ... it could take someone's head off, or take a car off the road. So they are potentially very hazardous."

Well I'm sorry but your average tourist doesn't bring a 3-4Kg drone on holiday with them so why raise this strawman argument?

The only group likely to be using a 3-4Kg drone are commercial operators but CAA admits that they're not the problem when they say:

"the rules developed for commercial users may be used to create more stringent regulations for recreational users"

And why all the fuss about drones when:

"Mr Houston said the 1542 bird strikes and 281 reported laser strikes on aircrafts over the past three years remained a bigger risk to aviation than drones."

And to claim that

"the main risk remained one of flying over people."

when we have seen no instances of injury or property damage caused by such activities sounds odd. Surely, if the media are to believed, the main risk is from drones being flown near airports???

What a giant crock of BS from a bunch of desk-pilots who appear to know very little about that which they are attempting to (poorly) regulate.
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Re: More drone BS from CAA

Postby phill » Thu Jul 12, 2018 10:14 am

an independently commissioned survey showed there were now around 280,000 Kiwis who either owned a drone or had flown one.
CAA said it was more worried about the 200,000 overseas tourists who brought their drones on holiday with them here each year.

lets just go with those figures and say .. half a million drones are around ... yet none have caused any damage

we could always look at this bit as well

Senior technical specialist Mark Houston with the CAA told RNZ the rules developed for commercial users may be used to create more stringent regulations for recreational users.
Mr Houston said while some tourists took the time to ask about the rules before bringing their drone, many did not and were unaware of the rules around privacy and safety.

so mark howstoned answer to people not knowing the rules .. is .. to make more rules .. what a fw .. we pay this guy ????

as for sharp .. well suffice to say .. he isnt
im guessing in the navy his nickname would have been .... notso
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