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Re: No Honour Among The Thieves

Postby Perry » Wed Aug 15, 2018 12:04 pm

Weasel wrote:You're welcome to develop your own tech companies - phones, search engines, let us know how it works out :-)

Nah - I use other measures. Like Bruce, I don't have a www-enabled phone. And use DDGo as often as possible.

Weasel wrote:Anyways, the way you have framed this is wrong. These companies are operating with-in the law and the free market, they're don't have some mysterious vendetta against anyone and everyone. Data is the new oil, its going to take a few years (decades) for laws to catch up with how information is collected, stored and used. As with most "new things" everything is fine until there is a big problem, and law makers are put in a position to act. Europe has GDPR, the US will get there eventually, the government has started to wake up to what's happening.

I didn't say they were operating outside the law. Also, technology is one thing, subversion is another. Embedding spyware and malware on the expeditious pretext of "improving the user experience" being code-speak for the worst type of deception and manipulation. The only thing such people are keen on improving is their revenue stream[s]. In that sense, they most certainly have a "mysterious vendetta against anyone and everyone."

Why do these tech companies conceal what they're up to?

As has often been observed on this forum: only those with something to hide have anything to fear.
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