Keeping Net users safe the Linux way (31 Jan, 2019)

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Re: Keeping Net users safe the Linux way (31 Jan, 2019)

Postby Malcolm » Fri Feb 01, 2019 7:19 am

par_annoyed wrote:I guess that backwards compatibility with older/rarer devices is probably Linux's weakest area. I do remember when on dialup before BB, I couldn't get the Linux of the day to talk to my modem card, despite many,many tries.
That card had a proprietary Windows driver (of course!!). Although I do reckon that it probably wouldn't work on Windows 10 today either....

And to be fair, there is a delay with some spanking new stuff too, as Linux drivers have to be written by someone....

So yeah, it's not all perfect.

Usually it is brand new or rare devices, old ones usually have something out there often built in to the mainline kernel. The old modem you had was probably one of the dreaded 'winmodems' as they were known. They weren't technically real modems as a lot of the functionality was offloaded tot he host PC CPU and needed special software to do anything. Hence limited Linux support.
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Re: Keeping Net users safe the Linux way (31 Jan, 2019)

Postby par_annoyed » Fri Feb 01, 2019 12:56 pm

I purchased it as a 'full' modem, expecting it to have a true HW COM port (I know Linux would have talked to it then), but it actually wasn't. A bit of dodgy marketing there.
Yes, I agree it probably was a 'winmodem'. There was supposedly a generic Linux driver for it, but no source code available, and it would not work.
But it was well out of warranty by then, so lived with dual boot for a while.
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