Behavioural sink dooms us all (28 Aug, 2020)

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Re: Behavioural sink dooms us all (28 Aug, 2020)

Postby phill » Tue Sep 01, 2020 3:33 pm

aardvark_admin wrote:
A police officer must have the right to self defense and even in NZ, self defence is allowed if you genuinely believe your life is in danger -- it's the "belief" that matters.

as i said
from studying the video's of the scene
he wasn't afraid for his life or the life of anyone else
he did it out of anger
that isn't justifiable in any form

and what do you say to the already 10s of nzers who have buried someone to police violence .. on the offchance .. ie no clear or credible danger was present .. although for some strange reason the pca has exonerated them all
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Postby Perry » Mon Sep 13, 2021 10:20 am

aardvark_admin wrote:This I totally agree with and it's something I have voiced myself on many occasions. I find it abhorrent that the memories of those brave souls who gave their lives to protect our freedoms are being insulted by a generation who so freely give up those freedoms to governments that claim to be working in their best interests but, all to often, are actually working in their own best interests. Remember when the catch-phrase was "papers please", the hallmark of Nazi occupation? Now we freely submit to "papers please" from our own state who demand that we prove our identity at road-blocks set up solely to generate revenues for the trough that feeds the political animal.

This was sent to me, unattributed, so I have not verified its accuracy.

I spoke with Dr Andrew Chen, a researcher at the University of Auckland, about a debate
that's about to take off in New Zealand. It'll start like this: A business, hypothetically a
supermarket chain, will announce that all customers will need to show the vaccine passport
to buy groceries. Suddenly the international passport is domestic. The government can
either ban businesses from using them this way (unlikely), or set the standards for who can
ask for the passports and when.

The softening up has begun at STUFFed. . .

In trying to get out of a Covid -19 emergency, are we now triggering a privacy crisis?
12 Sep 2021
The concept of vaccine passports was first introduced last year, when it became clear we would have to immunise our way out of this pandemic. Last week, the Ministry of Health confirmed it will be available to New Zealanders from December. They will contain a QR code and a secure digital signature. Certificates could also be printed for a hard copy.

I wonder how many religious devotees will see comrade commissar Cindy as the beast?
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