Made in China, landed on Mars (17 May, 2021)

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Made in China, landed on Mars (17 May, 2021)

Postby aardvark_admin » Mon May 17, 2021 5:45 am

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China is progressing in leaps and bounds and will soon rival the USA for title of the most powerful nation on the planet.

What happens then?

How will the USA react to the loss of its crown?

Are we inevitably headed for a showdown that could result in wide-scale military conflict?

Or will cooler heads prevail and will we all live together in peace and harmony?

Your predictions for the coming decade please!
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Re: Made in China, landed on Mars (17 May, 2021)

Postby goosemoose » Mon May 17, 2021 11:02 am

I would hope cooler heads would prevail but we're talking the USA here. A country notable for sowing discontent and starting wars when it doesn't get it's way.

Mind you we're all to blame in the west aren't we, outsourcing manufacturing there and snorting down all those cheap consumer goods, high on the sheer availability of all sorts of cheap toys. We're sort of stuck. If we do start a war where are we going to get our tat from? I reckon that's what will stop the conflict escalating, all those instagram influencers moaning about how they can't get their cheap crap anymore because all those Chinese factories are now making machine guns and not some rubbish hair manicuring product.

But yeah, the USA is going to want to remain top dog so I would not be surprised if they do something dumb.
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Re: Made in China, landed on Mars (17 May, 2021)

Postby Kiwiiano » Mon May 17, 2021 12:18 pm

“China is a nuclear power with a growing arsenal of space-based assets that are crucial to modern warfare. It has its own GPS system, is building a new orbiting space station, has tested "killer satellites" and is talking about a moon-base in the not-too distant future.”

I doubt that it would be in China’s interests to provoke a Kessler event by deploying ‘killer’ satellites unless they can develop a method of disabling enemy assets without shattering them. A stiff dose of microwaves or such, although most of them will be protected against solar emissions that can be pretty rugged stuff.
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Re: Made in China, landed on Mars (17 May, 2021)

Postby phill » Mon May 17, 2021 11:18 pm

you win wars by being able to ramp up and produce better weapons at a faster pace than your opponents
the allies did it in the last war by using the USA
the USA or EU can no longer do that
so i would say china is already there .. sure they dont have quite as much or quite as good today .. but after 6 months or less of active conflict they would have much more and much better than all the rest put together .. and that's including russia being against them
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