Will ransomware cripple the Net? (6 Jul, 2021)

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Will ransomware cripple the Net? (6 Jul, 2021)

Postby aardvark_admin » Tue Jul 06, 2021 7:21 am

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Is ransomware significantly impacting the viability of the internet as a critical piece of business infrastructure technology?

How do we protect against attacks like the one last weekend that effectively exposed thousands of businesses and institutions who thought they were doing the right thing by outsourcing their IT management to a trusted third party?

Is outlawing crypto-currency perhaps the only way to make ransomware impractical?

Are there better ways?

Can we really trust people not to fall for phishing attacks or believe that ransomware gangs aren't already developing attacks that will make sure they've infiltrated months worth of backups before activating?

Is there really any defense -- aside from Nuking Russia, China, North Korea and all the other "enemy states"? :lol:
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Re: Will ransomware cripple the Net? (6 Jul, 2021)

Postby roygbiv » Tue Jul 06, 2021 8:17 am

Could this instigate the start of a movement or desire of people to live their lives WITHOUT the internet. Could it be possible ?
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Re: Will ransomware cripple the Net? (6 Jul, 2021)

Postby phill » Tue Jul 06, 2021 8:51 am

air gap all company computers and remove any usb / bt inputs
run 2 separate systems one for critical structure and one for facebook
test all required updates from offsite providers on a time accelerated computer to activate delayed attacks before putting onto the main system
no access to computers from offsite ... can be modified where it has to happen by running it through a time accelerated dummy computer first
my thoughts on bitcoin haven't changed .. nor the reasons for them
pass on attacks to gazprom and a few other of poots friends .. watch how quick the problem dies
( ,,,,,,,, ....... A E I O U use em sparingly theres probably not enough )

i might live and eat in a sewer .. but hey look how many of these shiny things i have got
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Re: Will ransomware cripple the Net? (6 Jul, 2021)

Postby GSVNoFixedAbode » Tue Jul 06, 2021 9:08 am

phill wrote:air gap all company computers and remove any usb / bt inputs

With AWS & Azure Cloud technologies having pretty much replaced in-house computing (or if you're old-school, 'Bureau' computing on someone else's hardware) that idea is at the same level as "don't use the internet" unfortunately. Companies have switched to an apparently cheaper form of computing as every last cent counts in the yearly budget. Go back to in-house, unconnected computing? Nope - the business couldn't afford it (resources/hardware/staffing). Go back to non-computer processing? Nope, throughput not sufficient to survive these days.

So yes, through evolution, we have designed an extremely vulnerable computing landscape architecture and are stuck with it. That sophistication has also allowed ransomware and similar evils to be created as well. ANY ecosystem will eventually produce the efficient, the inefficient, prey, and predators. The solution is a matter of cost - implementing high-end safeguards (staffing & compute resources), assume the worst can happen, and prepare for it. Those who cannot afford that or decide not to spend time/money on that will be the next victims.
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Re: Will ransomware cripple the Net? (6 Jul, 2021)

Postby RoddyAxn » Mon Jul 19, 2021 7:49 am

ransomware paid one day returns the next
so advice is dont pay
that is the official message
but when is paying "offer, acceptence,consideration)?
seems maffia protection money
and transparency of the wire corrected that
would i pay to get my data back
if i said no then i would get tested
the alternative is taking candy from a baby
so even writing this marks me
seems i gave myself up to easy
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