Is now a good time? (8 Jun, 2022)

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Is now a good time? (8 Jun, 2022)

Postby aardvark_admin » Wed Jun 08, 2022 7:47 am

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Is now a good time to buy/build a new computer?

What computer configuration are you presently running and how much longer will you wait to upgrade (if ever)?

What will the configuration of your next computer be and why?
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Re: Is now a good time? (8 Jun, 2022)

Postby namartinnz » Wed Jun 08, 2022 8:43 am

I've been using a 'mid grade' quad core intel I5 3570K (Asus Motherboard), Asus GTX 660, 16GB Kingston memory, water cooled with Corsair H100i and Seasonic Gold 650W power supply I built back in 2013. It's been rock solid, used as a home business machine, on 16Hrs+ per day. No regrets skimping on quality, and I'll be looking at a potential upgrading next year to the latest 'mid grade'. Hopefully prices will have settled further for the best bang for buck...

As for a monitor, no skimping here. As I need colour accuracy for printing, I bought a Benq 32" 4K monitor this time last year to replace an aging Dell 30" 3011 monitor (10 years old) - not much change from $4K but well worth it for me...
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Re: Is now a good time? (8 Jun, 2022)

Postby hagfish » Wed Jun 08, 2022 9:25 am

Now would be a good time to buy a Macbook Air, if one were so inclined, but 'now' is nearly always a bad time to build a PC. I had to build a system last year, so I went with an AMD Ryzen 5600G. The CPU has a graphics sub-system built in, with performance similar to an Nvidia GT-1030. Modest, but sufficient for light gaming. Ample for Factorio :)

Now that crypto is in a dip, it's time to pick up a second-hand RTX-2060. Or maybe an older GTX-1080. It's a matter of threading the needle between the latest crypto-crash, and China's annexation of Taiwan.

For a display, I'd be looking at a 4K, 27" panel with USB-Type C charging capability to run a laptop. One cable, and no need for a dock. I don't need the last word in colour fidelity, HDR or refresh rate, but it would be nice if it were as pleasant to use as an Apple retina display. Local dimming would be a plus.

I've always thought of the 16:9 resolutions as SD=480p, HD=720p, Full-HD=1080p. I don't think a name ever caught on for 1440p (other than QUWXSLGBTIA or whatever). Then we have 4K. There must be lots of people who think of 'HD' as 'the good one' and plonk down the cash. If you're sitting back on the sofa, and the telly is only 32", it's probably just fine. Save your money. For using as a monitor - up close - don't be getting a Veon :/
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