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Postby aardvark_admin » Mon Dec 16, 2019 10:07 am ... -with-mori

Come on... Maori get special treatment and are gifted some of the 5G spectrum?

Are Maori not equal to all other native-born NZers?

Are we discriminating on the basis of genetics now -- isn't that illegal?

You might say that positive discrimination (in favour of Maori) is not discrimination at all -- but for every positive there's a negative so it effectively becomes negative discrimination against all those who are not Maori.

Perhaps it's Treaty related -- but I don't think Maori were already using the 5G spectrum for anything significant at the time the Treaty was signed -- or perhaps I'm wrong and they were years ahead of Marconi et al.

Sorry but giving people commercial and financial advantage solely due to an accident of birth does not sit well with me. However, you have to admit that the Treaty industry is doing a thriving trade these days -- such a shame that the people who *really* need support within the Maori communities are very unlikely to benefit from the handouts "Maori" are now getting by way of things such as spectrum allocation.

Or am I wrong... someone correct me please!
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Re: Seriously?

Postby phill » Mon Dec 16, 2019 3:27 pm

isnt faafoi the one that was caught being corrupt by giving favours to friends
obviously corruption means nothing to the labour party

You might say that positive discrimination (in favour of Maori) is not discrimination at all

there is no positive or negative discrimination .. there is only discrimination
although sometimes its made to look palatable by using emotive terms
( ,,,,,,,, ....... A E I O U use em sparingly theres probably not enough )

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