Conflicting directives from government/police

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Conflicting directives from government/police

Postby aardvark_admin » Fri Mar 27, 2020 8:24 am

A lot of people are confused right now.

The government (including our beloved Jacinda) have said it's okay to go out and get exercise by walking and that the key imperative is to keep your social-distance so as not to allow the transmission of the virus.

Based on this directive, I still see lots of people walking around our lake solitary or in twos.

However, police have said that you may not leave your home except on "essential business" such as to obtain food or medicine and that they'll be stopping vehicles and people to validate their reasons for movement -- educating, fining or even jailing those who have violated the "essential business" requirement. Police have said that you should only exercise on the street in which you live and ought not wander further afield.

So who the hell do we believe?

Is it okay to walk down to the local park (a couple of streets away) or are you likely to get your arse kicked as soon as you turn a corner?

Why is it *not* okay to walk alone, two streets away from your own, but it *is* okay to rip down to the local supermarket, mingle with hundreds of others, and grab a couple of bottles of coca cola to mix with your evening burbon?

I'd rather be alone and isolated at my workshop during the day, where I can guarantee 100% isolation and thus pose no threat to anyone. Indeed, I have a stash of Parkinson's medication there that I may need before the end of the lock-down. Why is it that I am not allowed to go and uplift that medicine in a way that would involve ZERO social interaction and zero risk of any viral transfer -- but I *am* allowed to go to the pharmacy and stand in a queue for 20 minutes with countless others to get a new script?

There are some unfortunate flaws in the current regime and those flaws work counter to commonsense and serving the *objectives* involved.
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Re: Conflicting directives from government/police

Postby phill » Fri Mar 27, 2020 10:42 am

very true
but the cost to the country for this method is x billion a week
extending that by even a week because someone didn't do what they were supposed to do is ... very high .. and as the extension would be more like 3-4 weeks ... the total for just one or two miscreants is horrendous

most people would be able to work out an excuse as to why their particular infraction was completely safe and justified
few would stand up to a real worst case test

relax and accept
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