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Postby aardvark_admin » Fri Apr 24, 2020 2:49 pm

Here's something that I simply can't believe...

Under the L4 lockdown, people were allowed to fly drones over their own property (ie: in their back yard or, if they had it, out the back40 of the farm).

Under the L3 lockdown, such flying is banned. In fact, all recreational flying of drones and model aircraft is banned.


So you can go fishing (in public places) and hunting (on private land) despite both of these activities being far more dangerous than recreational drone flying -- but under L3 you won't legally be allowed to fly the 20g micro-drone that's sitting on the table here as I type (even though you could do so now under L4).

How crazy is this?

But here's the kicker... although you can't fly recreationally, you can fly a drone or model aircraft commercially. That means *I* will be able to continue to fly because my flying activities are part of my job of reviewing products and making YouTube videos. If CAA want to argue that my flying isn't commercial then I'll get them to have a chat with the IRD who most certainly *do* consider it commercial and thus demand a sizeable chunk of my meagre earnings every year. I think I know who would prevail in that discussion :-)

Of course there's a giant loophole in CAA's lunatic rules. If two model fliers go out they can hire each other to fly and thus their flights become "commercial" and are allowed.

This is possible because, here in NZ, there is no distinction made between commercial and recreational flying from a regulatory perspective. No special licence, certification or quaification is required before you can fly commercially so *anyone* can do so.
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