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Postby Perry » Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:53 am

Quite a furore in the media on 29 June 2020. But there was no mention of the appalling, gawd-horrible interface.

When I log-in, I get presented with titles I've already watched. Almost half a screen-full at times, including a title I watched the very day before!

If I thought anyone would notice (or take any), I'd suggest to NetFlopz that they pop down to the local programmers' pre-school for some help. Something like:

IF <customer_number> has watched <title_number> THEN do not display <title_number> to <customer_number> under <category_number_trending> OR <category_number_top_ten_in_NZ> OR <category_number_trending> OR <category_number_recommended_for_you> OR . . . . .

Bloody morons!
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