Sigh! Spark!

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Sigh! Spark!

Postby aardvark_admin » Wed Oct 07, 2020 4:36 am

Last Wednesday, Spark was supposed to have booked a fibre install for the new house at 1pm.

I turned up at 1pm and waited an hour or so -- the fibre guys were a no-show.

I contacted Spark and was told "oh, looks like someone accidentally suspended that works order... sorry".

So I organised for the install to happen today, just a week later.

Yesterday I got a call saying "Hi, we're the fibre people, we'll be there on Wednesday at 12:30 to do a civil survey"

me: "So will you be installing the fibre on Wednesday?"

them: "No, we're just going to be doing the survey"

me: "So when will the fibre get installed?"

them: "We don't know but if the survey works out we'll let you know but it won't be Wednesday that's for sure"


I went to extraordinary lengths to ensure the fibre would be on before we moved -- organising the install nearly 6-weeks ahead of time and getting an install time/date all lined well in advance.

And now this crap!

"Oh, but you've got a wireless modem" they said.

"Yeah, but it has a feeble 120GB data-cap and is slower than hell" I told them.

"You can buy extra data for $1 GB" was their reply.

Hmm... let's see, last month I used over 2TB. If I can't get my fibre on for a few more weeks, that'd be about $500 in excess data charges -- because SPARK couldn't organise a fart in a bean-factory!

Let's not forget that last time I moved I had to keep renting the old house for nearly a month because Spark couldn't organise to take control of the copper to the new house. The former tenant (who did a runner) had their service from a different telco and apparently, even though they were gone and the service was disconnected, Spark couldn't gain access to the copper until the old Telco relinquished it.

Why is every little thing such a drama these days? Why can't people just do their jobs properly?

Grumble.. bitch.. moan :-)
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