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Foot in mouth

PostPosted: Fri Apr 16, 2021 10:26 am
by aardvark_admin
Oh dear, the SWDC has responded to my LGOIA request by effectively admitting that they have violated CAA's regulations when flying drones for a video they recently uploaded to social media.

Firstly they admit that the operator, identified only as "a member of staff" has no recognised certification or qualification to fly within 4Km of an airfield.

Then they appear to assert that they were not breaking the rules because they granted that staff member permission to fly over council property -- even though that property is just 900m from the hospital helipad. Like typical arrogant bureaucracies, they believe that *their* rules trump those created by an agency of central government.

Naturally I have passed the evidence (and the self-incriminating response) on to CAA.

Stay tuned, I'm pretty sure *this* transgression will be ignored, even though my much lesser (alleged) transgressions were thoroughly investigated over a period of more than 3 months.

Re: Foot in mouth

PostPosted: Fri Apr 16, 2021 2:22 pm
by phill
should be reduced to a fine only ( for being unlawful )
which the council will happily accept and pass on with glee with a little extra added to the rate payers