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This is worrying, very worrying!

PostPosted: Sat May 22, 2021 7:33 am
by aardvark_admin
There are a lot of nut-jobs out there.

Some folk are absolutely sure that the earth is flat, others believe that there's a sinister link between 5G communications technology and COVID.

There are also those who are racists, homophobes and express other irrational fears or discriminatory opinions that have little or no basis in fact.

I don't agree with any of these idiots -- but I do believe they have a right to speak their minds and voice their opinions and that this right ought not be removed from them simply beause their beliefs are not concordant with the mainstream.

Sadly... it seems we're increasingly living in a world where "free speech" is an illusion. More and more we're seeing people cancelled for simply voicing their opinions -- and that is dangerous, very ,very dangerous.

If we try to silence those with whom we do not agree then we lose *all* freedoms.

Here's the latest example of a worrying trend: ... s-revealed

Why should *anyone* be fired or suspended from their job as a result of their own personal beliefs or opinions when those beliefs and opinions are totally unrelated to their work?

Sadly, I fear we're living the ultimate hypocrisy these days: dealing with alleged discrimination by discriminating against those who we do not agree with.

The world has become a tragically warped place. Privacy, free speech and other rights are now being dismantled at a pace that normally only seen in times of war or military coup. By the time the great unwashed realise what they've given away it will be too late.

Re: This is worrying, very worrying!

PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2021 10:27 pm
by GCSBIntercepts
Well, look what happened to you Bruce when you tried 'build your own cruise missile'?

But don't worry, planned destruction is their end game.

Soon you won't be able to get a job unless you are a Paedophile.

I believe that you may be seeing an incidental symptom of EndSpeak?
This is when faith in Narrative Control is lost, and Collapse is near?
Col. Yuri Bezmenov was in fact highly articulate in his 40 year prediction of the fate of the West.

You should be asking yourself is not when it will collapse, but when is it too late to get out?

That date is fast approaching here - with the collapse of the NZ dollar, and the cancelling of your passports based upon your Status in the Fusion Centre Database.

Re: This is worrying, very worrying!

PostPosted: Mon May 31, 2021 12:47 pm
by GCSBIntercepts
And when the CIA operates drones in NZ?


Re: This is worrying, very worrying!

PostPosted: Mon May 31, 2021 6:26 pm
by phill
they might be just trying to dump a few RQ-4 global hawks on nz
already sold to aus / uk and a few others
perfectly serviceable for our needs ( eez patrols ) and way cheaper per mission than the new P-8 poseidon's
the yanks are looking to get rid of them in favour of the RQ-180 ( a stealth drone )