South Waikato District Council -- sigh!

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South Waikato District Council -- sigh!

Postby aardvark_admin » Mon Jul 05, 2021 5:23 pm

If you've got a spare hour to waste, take a look at this special meeting of the SWDC where the Mayor manages to get democracy going *her* way.

After a duly authorised meeting of council voted to reduce the amount of funding to the Putararu Timber Museum, our Mayor, who really wants the museum to get almost $150K of ratepayers money instead of the lesser $50K that was agreed by a majority at the last meeting, decided to hold a *special* meeting to rescind that decision.

She wasn't at the last meeting so the move to reduce the funding was won.

She knew that if she called another meeting to reverse that democratically made decision, she could use her deciding vote to change the outcome.

This angered many councilors who, as you'll see in the video, liken her use of the word "democracy" to the way it's used in "The Democratic People's Republic of North Korea" :-)

If you want to see really grown up kids fighting then it's worth a watch and if you want to see a mayor that, yet again, thinks *her* opinion is more important than an already agreed vote of council, sit back and enjoy.

This hasn't finished yet. I gather there's going to be police involvement, possibly criminal charges and all sorts of excrement hitting rotating air agitators in the near future.

THIS is why I won't even dream of running for politics. If I were to stoop that low it's unlikely I could ever stand upright again.

Stuff's story on the meeting: ... um-funding
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