Just like the Frog - Water Temp Rises Slowly, Till Too Late

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Just like the Frog - Water Temp Rises Slowly, Till Too Late

Postby Sam I Am » Mon Jun 16, 2014 12:52 pm

Charles H. 06/15/2014 •

Few people, and I mean very few people, recognize the dangers of radioactive contamination. It’s a “story”: it can’t possible be as bad; or it can’t possibly affect ME?!??

What most people don’t take away is this… with Chernobyl, Russia threw everything they had at it: firemen, dead; pilots, dead; military liquidators, most died; tunnelers, some died also. All told about 500,000 humans were thrown at the nuclear catastrophe. They didn’t spare materials – trucks; bulldozers; you-name-it: they needed it – they took it. Even Khrushchev said the cost ended the Cold War.
Compare this with Fukashima… three nuclear piles BIGGER than Chernobyl, plus the spent-fuel pools. What has been done?!?? Besides the biggest and broadest news media CLAMP-DOWN – the MINIMUM. Holding-off an explosion, and minimal containment is about all that has been done. Russia was a hare; and Japan the tortoise.
My take on this is that Russia was responsible, and acted responsibly to repair damage and contain, and even clean-up the catastrophe. Japan, however, has done so poorly as to be negligent. So with all the technological advancements; all the progressive accomplishments, both social and educational: from 1986 to 2011 – the world has gone from responsible to irresponsible. The ocean is SOOOOOO big… poo poo poo.

Credit to Charles H for writing this.


Sam I Am
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Re: Just like the Frog - Water Temp Rises Slowly, Till Too L

Postby Jetboy » Mon Jun 16, 2014 3:36 pm

Whoever Charles H is its a bit unfair to say Japan is doing minimal about the problem with their GE reactors. I check various sites daily (because I am concerned)
probably the site most balanced and with links to the other overhyped ones is http://nuclear-news.net/

They are working as fast as possible to remove spent fuel 4 as for the other reactors nobody can get close to them and its not nice to hear they must dump contaminated water to the ocean but the tanks they built are full and they are trying to stop the 400 tons groundwater flowing under? the site daily - did I read that right? not much can be done - Chernobyl isnt clean yet neither has anything been done about TMI

Just sayin that apart from Germany nobody seems to be closing reactors anywhere soon - the others are irresponsible its not just a Japan thing - sure they appear to be secretive / ignorant about how to behave post 3/11 regarding local food supply and how the kids are schooled but our own Govt. and its NRL hasnt done a lot to convince me they know much. One published survey for Fuku sourced foodstuffs in 3 years is pretty minimal. When looking over Jap import stuff like cars I run my Geiger over just to be sure - because I think our own systems are irresponsibly not up to the task.

Fukushima Diary is a good example of the facts from the viewpoint of one Japanese citizen who has decided to self - exile to another country (one with another nuke plant) in order to continue the information and help others wanting to be safe
Thanks for opening the subject again - it does deserve attention - I'm not sure what I or anybody could do to improve things
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Re: Just like the Frog - Water Temp Rises Slowly, Till Too L

Postby Sam I Am » Tue Jun 17, 2014 1:40 pm

I didn't mean to unfairly malign Japan by posting Charles H's stuff. I think that that technology should never have been sold to them to position in that spot in the first place.

Really interesting read, I read as a child. The Author was Pear S. Buck, the title of the book was, "The Big Wave". The short story was about a community of Japanese that lived right next to the sea and subsisted as a fishing community. The story goes on to document that the community was intermittently wiped out, generation after every other generation, but that didn't stop them from continuing to rebuild their community in the very same low lying spot by the sea shore so that it would be subject yet again to another 'Big Wave'. I understand that throughout costal Japan, there are stone monuments at specific elevations in the hills surrounding the sea coast. These ancient stone monuments were placed there in times past to document the height of the 'Big Wave' that covered the seaside coves and inlets.

You would think that we as a race, would be smart enough to learn from others mistakes, but instead, we just keep making the same mistakes and compounding the problems by constructing nuclear power plants there too.

Such is the nature of human nature.

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