Hi from Waynesboro, Georgia

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Hi from Waynesboro, Georgia

Postby Whakatane » Tue May 01, 2018 2:52 pm

I am getting back into RC after a hiatus of 40 years, +/-. I am now retired to Waynesboro, a small country town just South of Augusta, GA where they have a little golf tournament every year in early April. I have a Mini Slow Bipe electric to get my thumbs back. Waiting on servos from Heads Up. First plane was a Goldberg Senior Falcon with a Super Tigre .60 up front. It proved to be OK at half throttle, but at full, it was a rival to the Ugly Stick. I lived in NZ for a couple of years in Whakatane, a little town in paradise next to Ohope Beach. Went through secondary school in NZ with the short pants, little cap, and the cane for punishment. All that tradition ....... Graduated from Georgia Tech and had a career in nuclear construction and project management before I retired. There is an RC club a few miles away in Augusta, but their membership is full, so my Mini Slow Bipe will be flying on the golf course, or the large vacant lot next door. Glad to be back in RC. Anyone close to Waynesboro by chance?
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