A foreboding observation? (12 Feb, 2019)

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Re: A foreboding observation? (12 Feb, 2019)

Postby JonL » Tue Feb 12, 2019 2:01 pm

Perhaps the glass surface has less friction so the bugs are more likely to slide off.
I wish that were the case on our vehicles......Car 3 months old and the windscreen looks permanently smattered, no matter how much "Bars Bugs" we stick in the washers....there have been less bees this year though..and more wasps (sorry - West Oz - we still have bees.)
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Re: A foreboding observation? (12 Feb, 2019)

Postby Malcolm » Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:29 am

goosemoose wrote:Here's a very unscientific observation for you. In my garden I've never sprayed for insects but then again I've never gone out of my way to attract them, except this year when I planted a whole pile of wildflowers and let a few of the vege plants go to seed. I've noticed a lot more insects around this year and to coincide with that we seem to get a lot more birds. There are heaps of bumble bees around and all sorts of other types of insects.

Similar here, this last year we have added a couple of beehives to our place. The plants seem to have responded, a lot more blooming flowers, the fruit trees are producing a lot more. There has also been an uptick in bumblebees, dragonflies and other similar insects as well as birds.
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Re: A foreboding observation? (12 Feb, 2019)

Postby Kiwiiano » Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:38 pm

This took me a while to track down, in case anyone is still following the thread

Climate change gets blamed for a lot of things these days: inundating small islands, fueling catastrophic fires, amping-up hurricanes and smashing Arctic sea ice.

But a global review of insect research has found another casualty: 40% of insect species are declining and a third are endangered. It confirms what many have been suspecting: in Australia and around the world, arthropods – which include insects, spiders, centipedes and the like — appear to be in trouble.
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